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An ISO 17025 Accredited Company


True Pipetting Comfort, Take Good Care of Yourself!

  Soft Actuation Mechanisim
Reduces pipetting force by 70% compared to traditional pipettes, furthermore reduces hand fatigue and repetitive strain injuries due extended pipetting use.
  Lite Tip Ejection Mechanisim
Tip ejection force, which is the largest force applied by the user during pipetting is reduced by 65% compared to traditional pipettes.
Integra-Lite unique tip ejector design allows it to fit into narrow tubes without the need of removing the tip ejector.
  Ergonomic Design
Ergonomically designed handle, Lightweight ensure a strain-free pipetting.
Finger rest hook, allows for resting the hand, lighter-grip and provides comfortable pipetting.
  Dual Volume Adjustment
Easy-to-use Stationary Volume Setting provide a one hand volume adjustment.
Plunger Button Volume Adjustment allows rapid volume and snag-proof of safety gloves.
  Eight Integra-Lite Models
Eight Integra-Lite covers a wide volume range from 0.1-to-5000UL.
  Fully Autoclavable
Integra-Lite pipettes are fully autoclavable and doe not require recalibration after autoclaving.
Integra-Lite pipettes are made from chemically, and heat resistance thermoplastic materials.