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An ISO 17025 Accredited Company

Performance Assurance

Performance Assurance and Assurance Plus service plans are designed for GLP/GMP labs. Our Assurance service plans are preventive maintenance programs that are designed to ensure pipette accuracy and precision.    

  • Granite balance tables provides absolute stability for our micro-balances
  • Environmental conditions are controlled and monitored assuring accurate pipette calibration 
  • Pipettes are checked (As Found) for verification of accuracy and precision. Data are documented and Pass/Fail result are given to each pipette. 
  • After (As Found) evaluation pipettes will undergo Ultrasonic cleaning process for thorough cleaning and smooth pipetting
  • Parts are replaced as needed, such as seals, o-rings, pistons, plungers, and other worn-out parts.
  • Pipettes are re-calibrated (As Returned) and calibration certificates are issued with each pipettes
  Pipette Inspection
Piston Assembly
Sealing system via pressure leak-test
Ensure smooth plunger movement
  Thorough Pipette Cleaning
Cleaning of pipette handle, shaft, and tip ejector
Light piston polish
  Gravimetric Calibration
4 weighings measures
2 volume setting at (min & max)
  New Sealing System
New seal every visit
New shaft as needed
  Replace missing or worn-out parts
Corroded piston
Bent blunger
Worn-out friction ring
Broken or weakning springs
  One Year Warranty on parts that we replaced
  Calibration certificate are issued and dated Stickers with Due Date are affixed to each pipette
  24 Hours Turn-around Service