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An ISO 17025 Accredited Company

Single Channel Pipettor

Innovative new design !

Triple Speed Turbo Dial dramatically improves
the efficiency of making large volume change.

Unbreakable metal nose-cone is an available option.


On the smaller volume units such as the 2μl,10μland 20μl you have the option to choose a metal nose-cone for a slight upcharge.


The lower portion of the pipettor can be autoclaved.

The nose-cone and eject cone can be taken off and autoclavabled.


Easily recognizable push buttons

color code

Push buttons are color coded by volume.


Tip Fitting Ribs

The NT-1000 and NT-5000μl pipettors are equipped with special shaped (ribbed) nose-cones, which provide good and soft tip fitting. *NT-5000 must be used with Watson 5ml tips.

Convenient short design, easy to handle

Made of Tough and durable material

Uniquely design to fit comfortably in your hand