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Co2 Incubators

Life sciences and laboratory industries often utilize CO2 incubators to provide stable growth environments. Controlling the CO2 and O2 in the incubator will maintain the correct pH in the growth cultures.



Properly controlling your cultures could not be more important in the field and routine maintenance of the systems which relies heavily upon temperature, humidity, and carbon dioxide concentrations.


I2S used the advanced technology that is commonly used in monitoring and controlling cell environments is the use of Infrared (IR) sensing technology, which is a core component in CO2 Incubators.

Co2 incubator.jpg

I2S will provide different service levels to your CO2 Incubators by checking and calibrating:

Step 1 

Verify the system has no leaks in the CO2/O2.

Step 2

Check the CO2 level with our Co2 Analyzer.

Step 3 

Check the O2 level with our O2 Analyzer.

Step 4

Temperature and humidity multiple point mapping of the chamber.

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