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Pipette Calibration Services

On-Site Pipette Calibration Service by I2S provides both convenience and quick turnaround for your equipment calibration and repair needs. With same day pickup and return, I2S technicians make service quick and easy so you can get back to work with minimal interruption. To schedule on-site service, please click here.

 * Same day turnaround                  
*All Brands and all types serviced

Pipette Calibration Services

On-site Pipette Calibration Services 

Mail-In Pipette Calibration Services

Pipette calibration lab

I2S offers mail-in pipette calibration services for all brands and models of pipettes.  Upon receipt of your equipment, the technicians in our state-of-the-art laboratory will evaluate and perform calibration that exceeds the highest standards. To arrange for mail-in service, please click here to fill out our order form to include in your shipment. When you mail in your pipettes in a more controlled environment, you can rest assured that your pipettes will be precise as we also use a state-of-the-art 6-digit balance.

Quick turnaround pipette calibration service that ships within 24 hours. 


Please click below and print out the mail-in pipette form and enclose with your pipettes.


*24 hour turnaround

*All Brands and all types serviced


                                                                     Performance Verification (PV)                                Performance Assurance (PA)
                                                                      Best for academic labs                                                        Best for Clinical labs

                                                                     per unit:      bulk discount:                                        per unit:      bulk discount:

Single Channel Pipette -                           $25                 $23 (when 50 or more total pipettes)                      $32       
8-Channel Multi Pipette -                         $45                                                                                          $55
12-Channel Multi Pipette -                       $55                                                                                          $65
Electronic Single Channel Pipette -       $30                                                                                          $35
Repeater Pipette -                                      $55                                                                                          $60                                              
Pipette-Aid -                                                 $50                                                                                          $60

*Includes GLP/GMP Certification
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