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Pipette Service Levels and Prices:

Regular maintenance increases the life of your equipment and ensures that they are correctly set, calibrated and adjusted at all times. This will make sure that you are getting the most of your pipettes and preventing unnecessary downtimes. As part of our Performance Assurance (PA), our service team is authorized to issue accreditation services on your equipment that fulfills your requirements, no matter how high.


In addition, our preventive maintenance program is designed to minimize the occurrence of pipette failures. Let us help you prevent what is predictable and be prepared of what is unpredictable.


I2S offers 5 service levels that meets the requirements of different laboratories. With each level of service, pipettes are calibrated and checked for accuracy and precision. Pass/Fail is determined based on the ISO 8655-2 maximum permissible error specifications including the uncertainty in the decision process.


Pipette Calibration Service Levels:

  1. Performance Verification (PV) - for academic/basic research labs (pass or fail only)

  2. Performance Assurance (PA) - for clinical research labs (as returned certification)

  3. Performance Assurance Clinical (PAC) - for clinical research labs (as found/as returned certification)

  4. Performance Assurance Plus (PAP) - for GLP/GMP lab (as found/as returned certification)

  5. Total Assurance (TA) - for GLP/GMP labs (as found/as returned certification)


2 x 4 calibration is performed at 2 setting (min & max) and 4 measurements at each setting.

3 x 4 calibration is performed at 3 settings (min, mid & max) and 4 measurements at each setting.

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