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Service Includes

Level 1



Best for Acedemic Research

Level 2



Best for GMP/GLP Clinical Labs

new seal every visit, on gilson

and gilson-like models

warranty covers any and all parts replaced

Stickers with due date are affixed to each pipette

Micrometer, Piston Assembly,ressure leak-test, plunger

corroded piston, bent plunger,worn-out friction ring, broken or weakened springs

15 point inspection

Internal and External Cleaning

Seal and O Ring Replacement

Gravimetric Calibration

Preventative Maintenance

Part Replacement (as Needed)

Dated Service Stickers

1 Year Service Warranty

'As Found' Calibration Data

'As Left' Calibration Data

4 weighings measures

2 volume setting at (min & max)

micrometer, piston assembly, pressure leak-test, plunger movement

cleaning of pipette handle, shaft, and tip ejector Light piston polish

Service Add-ons

Add to any plan

Additional Volumes and Reading

Pipette Decontamination

Split service into 2 batches

Custom Service (special request)

Add $6 per pipette

Free !

Add $6 per pipette

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